Ferdinand Magellan


Dude. I circumnavigated the globe. What more could you ask??

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Date: 1519 - 1522
Explored East Indes

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Juan Sebastián de Elcano
Chief of Cebú
‎Antonio Pigafetta

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**This is for a World History Project.** Explorer. Twitter guru. Travel fanatic. Certified internet buff.

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  1. WE CIRCUMNAVIGATED THE GLOBE! at the Spanish port of Sanlúcar de Barrameda. SO EXCITED! Congrats to all!!

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  2. Us survivors are sailing on to the Moluccas and load the hulls with spice. Going back is the struggle.

  3. April 27. It's a sad day. Ferdinand sadly was hit by a poisoned arrow. He was left to die among his close retreating friends. Will be missed

  4. I met with the Chief of Cebú today, He converted to Christianity. He's down to persuade Europe to help him conquer a rival tribe

  5. - Philippine island of Cebú. to the Spice Islands.

  6. So... Hungry... We've been chewing the leather on our gear to stay alive. I'd love some of this rn:

  7. Wow. These waters are calm. Oh wait. The ocean is named “Pacific,” from the Latin word pacificus, meaning “tranquil.” Maybe that's why.

  8. Harder than Id thought. 1 ship has been wrecked, and another deserted. But we made it! Let's just say I wept w/ joy.

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  9. October 21st. FINALLY found this strait. I've heard that this might be named after me someday? I'm down. We're at the tip of South America.

  10. We're in Brazil now, and looking for a strait for passage thru to the Pacific. Río de la Plata was a flop. .

  11. Just got word, We're going to West Africa, then to Brazil! I've got 5 ships, and can take 270 men. Who wants to come with?

  12. Hello, World! Well, literally. Spain is boring. Mainly, our spices suck. I'm going to head out to look for the spices in India!

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